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"Evolution is the Law of Life; the Numbers are the Law of the Universe;
Oneness is the Law of God"
- Pythagoras -


Do you wonder what Numerology is? Wonder what the numbers mean? Do certain numbers appear over and over in your life? Would you like to put them to practical use to understand yourself and your life cycles?

Using simple addition and subtraction, you can easily calculate charts for yourself and others.

I've found many websites with good tutorials and plenty of information for the novice numerologist. Rather than reinvent the wheel, immediately below I've provided links to FREE numerology tutorials and FREE numerology software that you can try out. Further down is some suggested reading from my book collection.

     Download free numerology software at Follow the instructions
        carefully to download and activate your free software. If you like the free versions,
        you can buy the full versions that are included in the download, receive an unadvertised
        10% discount, and the activation codes to the full versions. This comprehensive website
        contains very good tutorials and a Do it Yourself page to calculate major chart aspects
        using your name and birth date. (the domain is for sale, but info still there) gives the meanings
       of numbers, history of Numerology, methods of calculation, etc. Includes Biblical
       Numerology meanings. Interesting site with lots of information.

    Matrix Astrology Software's Ask The Oracle - is a free online divination program using
       Astrology, Numerology, I-Ching, Runes, Fortune Cookie, Friends and Lovers, etc.
       You can buy the full version of "Ask the Oracle" software program as well as stand
       alone Numerology, Tarot, and Biorhythm programs at Matrix Astrology Software.

    Use Numerology Interactive tools at  Simply for calculating various
       components of your numerology chart. 

    A fascinating find while doing a web search on Acrophonology (see "Personal Power
       Is In Your Name"
    below) is the web site Certus Personality Assessments which offers
       free reports based on Numerology and Acrophonology and indepth information on The
       Nine Evolutionary Steps symbolized in Numbers including Zero and the Master Numbers
       11, 22, 33 and 44.


This book list is a work in progress and has 2 sections so far: numerology books that are Definitive Guides and books that focus on a Special Aspect of numerology. Tip: you can look inside many of these books at and find many of them used at, Barnes & Noble, and

First, one of my favorite divinatory, self-guidance books in a category all by itself  that is based on horary astrology (but no need to know anything about it), the numbers 0 - 9, 11 and 22, and simple addition:

          "Thought Dial " by Sydney Omarr taps into your own subconscious for answers to
             direct questions asked, your subconscious thoughts at any moment, yes or no questions,
             even locating lost objects. This book comes with a cardboard dial that is used to dial up
             the numbers. Look for the most up-to-date version - the 7th Edition, I believe.

Many numerology books are billed as 'definitive guides' and most of them are comprehensive how-to guide books. Some have practical delineations while some delineations are spiritually oriented. Different authors give different nuances on number meanings or the resulting delineations of the various calculations. Once you learn your own chart's numbers, it's interesting to pick up another book and read another author's interpretations - with one advisory.

There are differences in terminology amongst authors. This can be confusing. What one author calls 'The Life Path' number another calls 'The Destiny' number. What one calls 'The Expression' number another calls 'The Destiny'  number. I don't know why these differences exist between authors.

I use the terminologies I learned from the first numerology book I read in the 1970's, an out-of-print book which you can still find online used, called:

"The Secrets of Numbers"  by Vera Scott Johnson and Thomas Wommack. So, when I'm exploring a different author's book I translate the  terminology to jibe with what I initially learned to call the same type of calculation.

"Your Days Are Numbered - A Manual of Numerology for Everybody" by lifelong
    mystic Florence Campbell, Ph. D. is an oldie (original 1931) but goodie - the first
    complete textbook of the science of numerology available in modern language.  While
    some of the wording can be quaint and examples dated, I like the delineations.

"Numerology the Complete Guide: Volume I. The Personality Reading"  by Matthew
    Oliver Goodwin, MIT graduate and mathemetician, offers deep insight into the personality
    using the letters of your name and the life path using your birth date. He is quite thorough.

"Numerology : The Complete Guide (Volume II) Advanced Personality Analysis and
    Reading the Past, Present, and Future"
by Matthew Oliver Goodwin. In this book Goodwin
    helps you see the dynamics of relationships and determine the best time to marry, change jobs,
    move, invest and travel. Some special features of Volume II are explanations of short-term and
    long-term time cycles and their relative importance, Progressed Readings, illustrations of how
    to resolve the conflicts and ambiguities present in any Progressed Reading and a simple graphic
    method for pinpointing dates and significant life changes.

"Numerology Has Your Number: The Compleat Guide to the Science and Art of Numbers"
    by Ellin Dodge is a reference guide to the science and art of numerology, including each
    number's corresponding color, flower, musical note and instrument, food, gem, crystal, state,
    city, planet, and compatible and incompatible numbers. Learn how to use your name and
    birth date to calculate the personal numbers that reveal your motivations, marriage and job
    opportunities, self-image, destiny and life purpose, personal year, month and day numbers.
    Plus an in-depth analysis of the all-important challenge number, the indicator of hidden talents
    and the key to personal growth and success.

"Numerology and the Divine Triangle" by Dusty Bunker is an authoritative and
    comprehensive text on numerology, using the Pythagorean triangle as a blueprint of your life
    which includes a synthesis of numerology, astrology and the Tarot.

"Numerology and Your Future" by Dusty Bunker goes further to show future trends through
    your basic Personal Year Cycles revealed by the numbers. Topics include: your four Personal
    Numbers; your Personal Year, Month and day cycles; peak and action points in your Personal
    Cycles; the numerological significance of the decades; the numerological and Tarot
    relationships; and number delineations for character analysis as well as for prediction. I
    liked the page called Geometric Thoughts which is a chart showing the numbers 0 - 9 with
    their corresponding geometric shapes and short insightful descriptions of the progression of the

Some books are devoted to only one aspect of a numerology chart, such as:

  "You Are Your Birthday" by Ellin Dodge gives one page delineations for all 365 days of the
     year using just the birth month and day -  i.e. Jan 1 through Dec 31 - year not used.

  "You Are Your First Name" by Ellin Dodge is an easy to use A -Z dictionary of over 1000
     names with detailed, insightful personality profiles. If you can't find a name or the spelling
     you expect, this book shows how to calculate it and create a profile.

  "Personal Power Is In Your Name" by Shirlee Kiley and Rochelle Gordon uses
    Acrophonology, the study of energy/sound vibrations of letters, to analyze the cosmic
    blueprint of the letters in a person's name. This link is a bio of the late Shirlee Kiley, plus
    some background and software based on Acrophonology. 

"The Life You Were Born to Live : A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose" by Dan Millman
    (author of "Way of the Peaceful Warrior") is based solely on the date of birth using the Life-
    Purpose System, a modern method of personal growth based on ancient wisdom. This
    practical and spiritual book features the thirty-seven paths of life, how to determine your life
    path, core issues, inborn talents, and special needs of each path, including health, money, and
    sexuality, guidelines for finding a career consistent with your innate drives and abilities, and the
    hidden dynamics of your relationships. Included are key Spiritual Laws and Universal
specific to each life path that help you live in harmony with the cycles of life and
    clarify the past, understand the present, and shape the future. Good book!

Some numerology books include the Master Numbers 11 and 22, while others include 33 as well as the double digits 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99.  I will list some of these books soon.

Once you get the basics down, if you like to dig for all kinds of hidden tidbits within your own chart, some books give additional interesting calculations and their meanings. I made up a chart worksheet to list all these (some obscure) tidbits. I noticed a repetition of certain numbers and themes within my own numerology chart. I also noticed that I could easily get bogged down in too much data of no real practical value! But it's fun investigating, anyway.

    BONUS Freebies! Go to Basic Pendulum Dowsing where I included links to 2 FREE online books "Spiritual Dowsing"  by geomancer Sig Lonegren and "Needles of Stone"  by Tom Graves.

Background Email me with your questions, comments and to receive some bonus calculation material not included on this page.