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"Where it's all in the realm of possibility"

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My interests are varied and many. This site will bring you INFORMATION from a variety of resources and LINKS to whet your appetite and hopefully spark your curiosity such as:

Alternative healing and recovery resources including: HERBS - Susun Weed's books are excellent - see suggested reading link below, FLOWER ESSENCES from Green Hope Farm in NH,   THE 16 STEPS of Discovery and Empowerment, ENERGY WORK (Get your copy of the Journal of Energy Therapy from The Center of Being Inc. Stevan J. Thayer, MSC is the creator of Integrated Energy Therapy and authored 'Interview With An Angel' at this link.) As well as FREE Astrology, Numerology, Divination and Dowsing (including 2 free online ebooks) resources I've found online.

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Here is where to find it all:

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  • My own personal information - things I wanted to share about me, my interests, my passions and my life's journey so far...

  • Nadine's Personal Photo Gallery I features pictures of me, my family, friends, other people and places. See Harrison Ford at our local small airport in NW New Jersey! UPDATED Feb. 2008.

  • Nadine's Personal Photo Gallery II featuring pictures of me, my pets, and other stuff I felt like scanning. UPDATED Aug. 2007.

  • Herbal Notes is a page with information about St. John's wort, Chaste Tree Berry, and Kava Kava. Tea tree oil, Garlic and others will be added later rather than sooner.

  • Little book  Suggested Reading is a page listing books and their descriptions that I have found helpful, interesting and enlightening.

  • 16 Steps of Discovery and Empowerment a holistic alternative to the original 12 Steps of AA recovery model - information including links to appropriate resources.

  • An original short story The Elusive Chipmunk about me, my cats, and the local wildlife.

  • Basic Numerology Tutorial Links and Recommended Reading - using simple arithmetic (1 + 1 = 2) learn the calculation techniques and download FREE software. UPDATED 23 April 2008!

  • Basic Pendulum Dowsing - learn the techniques of using a pendulum to determine answers to Yes/No questions, foods you can eat, nutrients you need, etc. Learn how to make a simple pendulum and easy to use charts. UPDATED Sept. 2007 but still Still working on it. BONUS! Sig Lonegren's out-of-print book "Spiritual Dowsing" is now FREE to read online.  Update: A revised version of "Spiritual Dowsing" was published in July 2007.

  • Check out these FREE online divination tools.  Matrix Astrology Software's Ask The Oracle - (Astrology, Numerology, I-Ching, Runes, Fortune Cookie, Friends and Lovers, etc.). Learn astrology from top astrologers in these Articles also from Matrix Astrology. Numerology Interactive tools at  Simply Get a free Natal Astrology Chart at Astrolabe. More free Astrology charts at One of the most comprehensive charts I've purchased and refer to time and again is from called the Psychological Horoscope Analysis by Liz Greene. It doesn't contain any "Astrologese" and it's a psychological gold mine. This page from Mountain Astrologer features past Editor's Choice Articles. provides a free online Ephemerides from 1880 through 2009. Astrolog is 100% free Astrology software. Read FAQ's about Astrolog. Check out where there are several online tools such as an Astrology Chart Generator (with a free version to download - it requires Macromedia Flash Player), an Atlas, Ephemeris, basic interpretations, astrology forum, live chat...on and on with tons of information. Definitely a site to Bookmark!

How to Contact Me:

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Pen&Ink animated email me at . I'd love to hear from you!

Please don't leave without first signing my GUESTBOOK. If my Guestbook is experiencing the dreaded 'technical difficulties', email me instead.

I created this beautiful background from an antique card that I found in the attic of an old house I used to live in.

Last updated Mar. 31, 2009