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Coming Soon!! How to make a simple pendulum and charts to use with it.  Learn how to:

    Prepare yourself and tune into your pendulum.
    Determine your own personal pendulum's responses.
    Ask Yes or No questions.
    Dowse for food sensitivities and allergies.

Geomancer Sig Lonegren's once out-of-print book "Spiritual Dowsing" is now available in a revised edition as of July 2007 from Gothic Image . A free version of "Spiritual Dowsing"  is still available to read online (as of Aug. 2008) at: Glastonbury Archives.

Also available for free download at the Glastonbury Archives in html format is "Needles of Stone" by dowser and computer programmer  Tom Graves.  An alternative to this version is a Microsoft Reader version from ESSPC -ebooks. Do an author search to find the book there.
"Needles of Stone", per Tom,  "Combines original research in dowsing with a review of many different aspects of the sites - from archaeology to geomancy and magic, from physics to ghost-hunting and parapsychology - the book shows that we need to look at them not so much in terms of the past, but in the effects and reality of those earth-energies now. It ends with a call for a re-assessment of the pagan view of reality, to see where its experience can be of value in our present over-civilised world."  

Several free articles on dowsing can be found at Ian Pegler's web site here and an extensive page of dowsing related links are provided by Ian on this page.  

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