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Have you heard of Numerology and wondered what Numerology is? What do the numbers mean? I've found many websites that provide good tutorials and plenty of information for the novice numerologist. Rather than reinvent the wheel, provided are links to FREE tutorials and software that you can try out.

    Download Free!! numerology software at Follow the instructions
        carefully to download and activate your free software. If you like the free versions,
        you can buy the full versions that are included in the download, receive an unadvertised
        10% discount, and the activation codes to the full versions. This comprehensive website
        contains very good tutorials and a Do it Yourself page to calculate major chart aspects
        using your name and birth date.

    Numerology Guide is a website with an overview of the meanings of numbers. Includes
       a page with Biblical Numerology symbolism.

    Matrix Astrology Software's Ask The Oracle - an online divination program using
       Astrology, Numerology, I-Ching, Runes, Fortune Cookie, Friends and Lovers, etc.
       You can buy the full version of "Ask the Oracle" software program as well as stand
       alone Numerology, Tarot, and Biorhythm programs at Matrix Astrology Software.

    Use Numerology Interactive tools at  Simply for calculating various
       components of your numerology chart. 



I collect books on topics that grab my interest, so I have quite a few numerology books. Many of them are billed as 'definitive guides' and most of them are comprehensive how-to guide books. Some have very practical delineations while some are spiritually oriented. Different authors give different nuances on number meanings or the resulting delineations of the various calculations. Once you learn your own chart's numbers, it's interesting to pick up another book and read a different author's interpretations - with one warning:

Note that there are differences in terminology between authors. This can be confusing. What one author calls the Life Path number another calls The Destiny number. What one calls The Expression number another calls The Destiny number. I don't know why these differences exist between authors. I use the terminologies I originally learned from the first numerology book I read in the 1970's, a now out-of-print book which you can still find 'used' online, called "The Secrets of Numbers" by Vera Scott Johnson and Thomas Wommack. Then, when I'm exploring a new author's book - just to keep the information straight in my head - and after looking at the calculation being explained - I translate the new author's terminology to jive with what I originally learned to call these same calculations.

Some books are devoted to only one aspect of a numerology chart, such as:

"You Are Your Birthday" by Ellin Dodge gives one page delineations of all 365 days of the
     year using only the birth month and day -  i.e. Jan 1 through Dec 31.

  "You Are Your First Name" by Ellin Dodge is an easy to use A -Z dictionary of over 1000
     names with detailed, insightful personality profiles.


 Some include only the Master Numbers 11 and 22, while others include 33 as well as double digits such as 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99. If you like to dig for all kinds of hidden tidbits within your own chart, some books give additional interesting calculations and their meanings. I made up a chart worksheet to list all these tidbits. I noticed a repetition of certain numbers and themes within my own chart. I also noticed that I could get bogged down in too much data of no real practical value!



    BONUS Freebie! Go to Basic Pendulum Dowsing where I included a link to download a FREE out-of-print book "Spiritual Dowsing" by geomancer Sig Lonegren.

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