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Merry Christmas 1999


Another Antique Christmas Card I found in the attic.


I am wishing my family
and friends
a wonderful holiday season
filled with love and laughter,
warmth and fun,
radiant health and well-being.

Happy New Millenium Year
animated fireworks2000
animated fireworks

Blessings and Love,



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Do you have your speakers on? The background music is
the drifters singing: "White Christmas".

you can also enjoy these other christmas songs:

Elvis Presley singing: "Blue Christmas"

Nat King cole singing/playing:
"Christmas song"

Louis Armstrong singing/playing: "Cool Yule"

I found the Music .wav files at under
themes/Christmas Songs.

The holly, candle and pinecones
are from the mining company onsite
holiday clipart collection.

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