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This is where I put information about me, my spirituality and my passionsmy journey, inspiring quotes, and links to other things that interest me.

My Passions and Interests:

I read voraciously as you can see from my Suggested Reading page.
I love most creatures  (I have 2 kitties  Cat with wagging tail at the moment), wooded places, carving, painting, crafting, exploring new places, flying (I have also Sky-Dived and Bungie-Jumped - I won't be doing EITHER of these again in the near future!), Astrology, Numerology and Dowsing. A FUN little divination book based on Numerology is the THOUGHT DIAL by Sydney Omarr. I use it often to get Yes or No answers to specific questions or for my subconscious thoughts at any moment. You can use it to locate lost objects, too! Just for good measure, throw Tarot, Runes, Iridology, Palmistry and Graphology in there, too. I'm not claiming to be an EXPERT in these things - they are all interests. 

(For Astrologers only: Although I have the Sun, Moon and Mars in Taurus, this must be what having Gemini Rising with Part of Fortune, Vesta and Venus in Gemini are all about - insatiable curiosity about a lot of things!)

My Creative Side:

I like to make jewelry - earrings, necklaces, pins and pendulums (dowsing information coming soon), and create mini versions of objects found in King Tut's tomb using polymer clay.

pyramid with eye

I love working with computers - building them, upgrading and repairing them, computer shows, tutoring, and web page design.  

My Travels:

I've lived in NJ, NY, PA & CA and traveled to England, Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico, and Canada - up and down and back and forth the East & West Coasts. One big event/choice in my life was my solo pilgrimage-like drive across country when I moved back to NJ after living 6 years in CA .

My Destiny/Purpose:

I feel that a large part of my PURPOSE  is to DISSEMINATE information and to HELP OTHERS HEAL their own childhood wounds (heavy PLUTO influence in my chart - see HEALING PLUTO PROBLEMS on my suggested reading page) by sharing my path to (Imagine off-key bleating trumpets here!):


Animated dove


A QUOTE from Marlo Thomas:

"Many of us have a broken-hearted child within us and the triumph of adulthood is to heal that child."

My Healing Journey:

My personal healing journey started in 1986 when I heard Dr. Susan Forward's Talk Radio Show on WABC-AM in New York. She is the author of Betrayal of Innocence - Incest and Its Devastation and Toxic Parents among many other books. While listening to the callers talk, my own painful childhood memories (which were never forgotten...just pushed aside in my rush to escape from my family and enter the 'real adult world') were triggered. 

At the time I was in yet another unhealthy relationship with a pot addict and unavailable male who subsequently pulled a disappearing act. I spent the next 11 years (8 of them alone by choice) going to various 12 Step Self-Help groups, getting therapy, seeking healing and resolution to a lifetime of mild depression, anxiety, angst, pain, feelings of isolation, anger, frustration, distrust, resentment, etc.

In July of 1996 another relationship dissolved and left me feeling abandoned and used and furious with myself for making the same mistakes yet AGAIN (feeling like: 3 strikes - you're out! and subsequently more distrustful and hollow). I knew I needed a different forum in which to examine and heal my emotional, mental and spiritual state.

In 1996 I found the 16 Steps of Discovery and Empowerment in a Jan/Feb 1994 issue of Common Boundary. The article was called 'Recovery's Next Step' and it examined on the 60th Birthday of AA whether the 12 Steps were outdated and irrelevant or the doorway to new forms of spirituality and social action. Since there were no 16 Step groups locally,  I founded and co-facilitated a weekly Women's 16 Step Discovery & Empowerment Group in August 1996 which lasted 2 years. We used the principles from Charlotte Kasl's book Many Roads, One Journey - Moving Beyond the 12 Steps (a great book which examines the 12 Step Tradition pros and cons, whether or not it empowers and honors women and minorities, and presents the 16 Steps of Discovery and Empowerment) as well as other paths to self-empowerment.

I started an online 16 Step Email list (with the help of an online friend who was more experienced than I was with email lists) in Sept 1998 that lasted until February 2004. This was a powerful way of using the steps and connecting with people worldwide looking for an empowering alternative.  

Another good book by C. Kasl that can be used as a Daily Meditation book is Finding Joy - 101 Ways to Free Your Spirit and Dance With Life. All of Charlotte's books are good practical reading and you can find them at her website.

My Spirituality:

I practice a form of Hands-On-Healing (being a channel for Universal Life-Force Energy - see Stevan Thayer link below). As I clear out blocks and release my own excess emotional and mental baggage, I get better at doing this.

I am also exploring Creation Spirituality (Matthew Fox), Love & Power (Lynn Andrews), and Anatomy of the Spirit (Caroline Myss) in order to understand the correct/best use of my energy and power. (Abuse of power abounds all around us - so much more obvious in the early 2000's)

On March 21, 1998 I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister by Rev. Dan Chesbro into The Order of Melchizedek, a priesthood "committed to teach and/or heal the Human Condition as it emerges into the Age of Aquarius". I KNOW that sounds like a mouthful of New Age mumbo-jumbo. I don't follow any organized religion, however, exploring my spirituality is important to me. I do not know what form God/Goddess/Creator takes - I'd prefer to imagine Universal Life Force Energy and Laws. Still refining and defining all that for myself which is probably a lifetime project. 

 My own personal "Ministry" is following my Destiny as mentioned above. I hope this web page, my 16 Step involvement and Astrology and Numerology charts have been a positive step in that direction.  

Not your typical Miss America profile, is it?

Hopefully, I don't come across as too WEIRD (after all, I AM a down-to-earth Sun in Taurus - in the 12th House which describes life lessons of Practical Spirituality). I also HOPE (my name means Hope) that there is something here that will attract like-minded souls. If I can do some of this with HUMOR, all the better. If I didn't have my bizarre sense of humor to help me through this time around, I doubt that I'd retain any semblance of SANITY. crazy face gif  Of course, all things ARE relative...and my lineage seems to be predisposed to nuttiness!.

pen and ink email gif me at  I'd love to hear from you!


"What our deepest self craves is not mere enjoyment, but some supreme purpose that will enlist all our powers and give unity and direction to our life. We can never know the profoundest joy without a conviction that our life is significant - not a meaningless episode."   Henry J Golding

"I don't have to be sexual if I don't want to or don't feel like it. My body is mine. I don't have to pay for hugging and cuddling with sex. My sexuality and sensuality are too precious to trade or give away. It is a violation of my spirit to do so."

"He could help her to live; he could not help her to decide for what purpose she wished to go on living."  Ayn Rand from Atlas Shrugged

"The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been before. Creativity in living is not without its attendant difficulties, for peculiarity breeds contempt. And the unfortunate thing about being ahead of your time is that when people finally realize you were right, they'll say it was obvious all along. You have two choices in life: You can dissolve into the mainstream, or you can be distinct. To be distinct, you must be different. To be different, you must strive to be what no one else but you can be...
Alan Ashley-Pitt

"Darkness may reign in a cave for thousands of years, but bring in the light, and the darkness vanishes as though it had never been. Similarly, no matter what your defects, they are yours no longer when you bring in the light of goodness. So great is the light of the soul that incarnations of evil cannot destroy it."

"You are a Light no wind can blow out."

More quotes can be found on my Suggested Reading page.

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  • Are you into Raptors? (Birds of Prey: Eagles, Hawks, Owls, Falcons, Kestrels, Turkey Vultures) The Delaware Valley Raptor Center, 416 Cummins Hill Rd, Milford, PA 18337  (570)296-6025 is a a non-profit, tax-exempt, private membership organization dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey. The Center cares for injured, ill, or orphaned raptors so that they can eventually be returned to the wild. You can help out with membership donations or you can send a donation to "adopt" a bird that is in their rehabilitation program. As part of their education program two licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators, Bill Streeter and Jan Rethorst, go to libraries and schools showing a Bald and Golden Eagle, hawks and owls that the Center has rescued but can never be returned to the wild. It is overwhelming to see these birds up close! They are so beautiful and magnificent that my heart could burst!   P.S. I created their initial web site.

  • RedTailHawk.jpg (42634 bytes)
    Red Tailed Hawk at DVRC

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    Animal Rescue Site button

As old Honest Abe said: "People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like."  (I LOVE Abraham Lincoln. Add the works of Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Anne Rice, & Albert Einstein Albert Einstein sticking out tongue to that list.)

"Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends." Richard Bach from 'Illusions'

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