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Hey, Carol, it's your birthday....

the last one in this century, too!

I bet you feel a bit like this gal lately, huh?

and having about as much fun...

whtlrsmoth2.gif (21540 bytes)


"Hardy har har har," I can just hear you say, without much humor -

"Thanks   a lot for pointing that out to me,Sis,"  you say.

"I''m feeling like shit as it is." 

Oh well, Momma said there'd be days like this - there'd be days like this, our Momma said... or some Yugoslavian (pardon me, 'Croatian')  horseshit with about as much encouragement and hope for future happiness.

People eating potato peels in Europe and donkeys playing, etc.  aside...



May your special day be like the stained glass of a cathedral,


cathedral2.gif (66601 bytes)

Bright and multicolored with beautiful intricate designs to delight

your eyes and senses.



A bouquet of lovely flowers

antique1.gif (46062 bytes)



Peaceful like two turtle doves

antique2.gif (26292 bytes)




Blessed by your own loving Guardian Angel,

antique4.gif (42455 bytes)

who wants you to feel loved and cherished

the same way that  I do.

Treat yourself  to something nice today, you deserve the best

for being so caring about the one's around you.

Happy Birthday, dear Sister.

Love, Nadine

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Created July 27, 1999
especially for Carol.